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Single Storey Extensions

With the banks still being more miserly than scrooge, moving home can still be a difficult and also an expensive process, with no guarantee that your own home will fetch what you want from a sale.
Perhaps a more economical solution is to extend your home with a single storey extension. A new single storey extension is a sensible investment that can add to the value of your home and provide the additional internal space required for you to make the most effective use of your accommodation.
With a huge portfolio of single storey extensions, you can trust Extend BP to deliver what you want and to your budget. Speak to us today.

Double Storey Extensions

Whether you are expecting a new child, need some space away from the noisy teenagers (or vice versa)… or your mother in law has decided to take up residence; we can create the space you need, without the cost of moving.
A double storey extension can make a massive difference to your home. Maybe generating extra space in your lounge, kitchen, dining room or other living areas and also increasing the bedroom accommodation or indeed providing an additional bathroom.
A cost saving, double storey extension could dramatically improve your standard of living, without the need for a costly relocation…and it may also keep the mother in law happy (for a while).

Side Return Extension

Need space for a small office? Or just more storage space? A side return extension is usually used to create extra space in existing rooms. We can help you plan to maximise the use of your space and ensure your side return extension gives you precisely what you want

Side return extensions can also be combined with rear extensions to form a wrap-around extension.

Whatever your requirements, if you are looking for  property extensions in Warrington, call us now to discuss your house extension plans. We will be happy to have an informal chat with to assess your options.